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Richland Bomber Alumni Page…
Home of the Richland Bombers
Richland High School aka Columbia High School aka Col-Hi
...located in Richland, Washington

This site provides information about the history of the high school, its students, the City of Richland and Hanford, the federal nuclear project which made it allcome about.

We seek 'Richland Bombers' from any Columbia High or Richland High School class.

If you have roots in Richland, Washington...attended John Ball, Sacajawea, Jefferson, Marcus Whitman, Jason Lee, Chief Jo or Carmichael then it's time to touch base with us so that you may be added to alumni e-mail.  Subscribe by going to: 

Alumni Sandstorm

If you recognize Columbia High School/Richland High School/RHS in this photograph, our best guess is that you are a 'Richland Bomber'.

To put yourself in contact with former class members, friends and neighbors, contact the Richland Bomber Alumni Sandstorm.  Make sure you include your class year and 'maiden name'.

A Little Light History...Bombers are serious about their 'spudnuts'! (Donuts made from potato flour.)  Time spent at the Spudnut Shop is one of most cherished memories of many past and present residents of Richland, Washington.  It remains today as a friendly meeting place for  sweets, sweeties, seats, sweaters and suites.