The Spudnut Shop

Welcome to the Spudnut Shop

Welcome neighbor, to the oldest coffee shop in the city of Richland and the home of the 
Spudnut.  The Spudnut Shop was established in 1948 by our dad, Barlow Ghirardo, and 
our uncle, Jerry Bell.  With one $50.00 check they bought a franchise and 100 sacks of 
spudnut flour.  The shop was originally located in the Richland Wye and operated 
primarily as a wholesale business.  When the highway was built in 1950 the shop was 
moved to its present location in Uptown Richland.

Spudnuts are different than doughnuts. For one thing they're made from potato flour and 
for another they just plain taste better.  We feel that it is only fair to warn you that 
spudnuts are habit forming.  Eating just one could turn you into a regular customer and 
one of our life-long friends.  If you're not careful you could find yourself coming in here on 
a daily basis to chat with friends or just to relax with a cup of coffee, a spudnut and a 
newspaper.  Before you know it we'll be greeting you by your first name and the waitress 
will be serving up your favorite spudnut before you even order it.  After a few visits you 
may get to feel so at home that you start leaving our number on your answering machine.  
We know it's scary, but that's the way it's been since Dad first opened up in 1948.  So 
give your spudnut order the careful consideration that it deserves.  Remember, we're 
talking about a relationship here.

Thanks for dropping by, we hope you enjoy your visit with us.  We don't know what the 
rest of today may have in store for you.  It could be a lottery win or a lawsuit.  But, 
whatever it is, we want you to remember that you can always find friends, refreshment 
and maybe even a good lawyer here at the Spudnut Shop in Uptown Richland.

Best Wishes,
Val Driver

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