Wine Flowing / A Lamb Surrenders / Angels in the Light ( Wendy's Dream )

Wine flowing, salts the souls morrow.
A silent morning sky receives sunshine as it penetrates the weary mist,
evaporating the early spring dew on bathed virgin lawns.
Migrating robin hops and pecks, kissing blades of garnish green.
Solitary worm seeks deeper, warmer soil, finally surrendering to Loves 
Eternal Will by rising to the surface to Become Wine Flowing.
* * *
Ascending the mountain, crying out to Creations dark night. No voice from a burning bush, nor, from a cloud answers her searching plea. Only the northern winter Wind echoing off jagged rocks and crevices beckons the ear, yet, her eye glimpses ripped and ravaged wool, whiter then snow, caught on thorns and twigs, while, somewhere, Lovers entwine like two vines in the midst of a Naturally eroding Forest.
* * *
The kisses have faded, though some claim they still see them dancing on the outer fringes of the Sun. Others have seen the Angels, motionless, in the Light. Eternal thanks for sharing them with us, since most of us here still seek their Visionary Portrait.
Written by Chris Carlberg (Wendy's brother)December 1995 for a Christmas gift to Wendy. "This poem encompassed the essence of her struggle and what she gave back to all of us."

Friends forever...Kerry, Teresa & Wendy

Bill, Donald, Teresa & Wendy from Richland Bomber 20th Reunion.

Wendy & two of her children...

Wendy's Dad...Henry Carlberg


Wendy Carlberg Remembered
January 15,1946 to March 9,1996

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