JoAnne Powers

JoAnne Powers ~ 6th grade from class photo of Mr. Gallaher's class at Sacajawea

JoAnne Powers 9th grade ~ Chief Jo Junior High School

JoAnne Powers ~ Senior photo from 1964 Columbian Yearbook
JoAnne Powers ~ Where are you?

The Col-Hi aka Columbia High School aka Richland High School aka Richland Bomber Class of 1964 is searching for you for Class REUNION purposes. NO information has been received from you in almost 50 years! Come visit the Richland Bomber site to find your friends from the past.

JoAnne: Friends from Sacajawea Grade School, Chief Joseph Junior High School & Col-Hi are awaiting your return August 22-24th, 2014, for our 50th reunion. Special friend Sharon Sasser would like to contact you immediately.

Please contact us for reunion & friendship purposes...We're waiting to hear from you...Today!

Contact the Class of 1964