Mike Alexander

A Richland Bomber from the Class of 1964


USS Pueblo Veteran

Mike Alexander at the 25th Pueblo Reunion in July 1993 at Pueblo Colorado.

Thank you for your email. I have a couple of pictures with Mike in them. They were taken at our 25th reunion in July 1993 at Pueblo Colorado.

Mike was a good friend of all the crew and he is missed very much, he will always be in our thought and prayers.

Don McClarren
President USS PUEBLO Veterans Associations

Mike Alexander
A Richland Bomber from the Class of 1964

From: Tom Tracy Richland Bomber Class of 1955)

Re: Mike Alexander (RIP)

I visited with Mike Alexander in Sun Valley, ID several years after the Pueblo crew came home. The U.S. Navy did itself proud during the recent incident, but needs to dust off its epaulets and clear its deck after the way it treated the Pueblo crew. Mike had been given the 3rd degree, like all the others. Beyond the abusive treatment dealt to them by the North Koreans, the U.S. Navy did it about as proud during the Pueblo prisoner release as it did in the Tail Hook actions in Las Vegas. The prisoners were ostracized and treated with disdain. It was not a proud moment.

Mike was working at the ski resort. I tried to visit with him, but he was very withdrawn and justifiably upset about his treatment in America. I believe he moved to Northern Idaho.. His parents were dedicated members of our church. He had a fine family heritage. Naval Officers who debriefed Mike and the Pueblo servicemen discredited their uniforms and the U.S. Navy. My best memories of Mike were when he was a young lad at Bible School and Summer Camp at Deer Lake in Spokane. He always carried himself with dignity, manners and tolerance for others... just like he was taught. Mike seemed to want the best for others around him and was always willing to put others first. He was a credit to his family, community and country. He carried a true Richland Bomber spirit. I am proud to have known him. I'm sure his family, friends and neighbors are too.

Tom Tracy (55)