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Richard W. Meyer

"MEYER, RICHARD W. LT COL, USA Ret. Richard W Meyer, Lt Col USA, Ret., died on Friday, November 6, 2009. He was a 30 year veteran and served in World War ll. Korea, and Vietnam. After retirement he worked for CPP Security (later known as Pinkerton's) where he provided security to Northrop in L.A. He is survived by his wife Joan, daughters Elizabeth Torala, Susan Pare, stepson Mark Gill, sister Charlotte, sister-law Arlene Lombardi and numerous grandchildren. He will be interred at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery."

LTC Richard W. Meyer 1969 - 1971 (Deceased 11/06/09)

Short History of the 511th Military Intelligence Company

"The 511th MI Company, located in Nuernberg, in the mid-late 1960s was responsible for the overt collection mission in northern, or upper, Bavaria and supervised the Nuernberg JIC element as well as resident offices at Bad Neustadt, Coburg, Kronach, Hof, Marktredwitz, Altenstadt, and Cham. The 511th had 89 officers and enlisted personnel assigned."

The following letter was received by Paul VanPelt on 27 Sep 2001 from Ron Crawford who was the volunteer archivist at the U.S. Army Intelligence Museum at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

"The unit was constituted in the Regular Army as the 511th MI Service Company 30 June 1952, and activated in Korea 1 Sep 1952.

It was reorganized and redesignated as the 511th MI Co on 28 Mar 1954 and inactivated in Korea 20 May 1956.

The 511th MI Co was activated in Germany 1 Jun 1962. On 1 July 1972 it was reorganized and redesignated as HQ & HQ Co, 511th MI Bn. The 511th MI Bn was inactivated at Nurnberg 1 Oct 1983.

The unit was reorganized and redesignated as HQ, HQ& SVC Co, 511th MI Bn and activated at Augsburg, Germany 16 Oct 1983. It was last inactivated in Germany 15 Nov 1991.

The 511th has 3 campaign streamers and ? ROK Presidental Unit Citations for Korean War service and 3 campaign streamers and a Meritorius Unit Commendation for Gulf War service.

It was activated in 1962 with the personnel, equipment and AOR of the former Field Station XI of the 66th INTC (Later MI) Group. Until 1983 the 511th had area counterintelligence mission responsibilities as a subordinate element of the 66th MI Group. Upon reactiv- ization in 1983, the 511th had been reorganized as a Tactical Exploitation battalion of the VII US Corps and served in Southwest Asia in that capacity.

The present 511th MI Co at Fort Irwin, Ca, with the 11th ARC is an unrelated unit with a completely separate lineage. Conrad R. "Mac" McCormick

If you searved with the 511th MI Company, please feel free to contact me.

Richard W. Meyer - Age 82 (2007)
LTC Richard Meyer - Commanding Officer 511th


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